Overview of recent project we are proud to show you!

Fold Bench / Insub Studio

A totally independent design project to create a durable, sustainable piece of public furniture that can be made and distributed locally, whilst exploring the boundaries and possibilities of sheet metal.

Lotus litterbin / Furns

The lotus litter bin is a next generation tool for cleaner streets and a more sustainable waste disposal. Armed with bunches of nudges and primes this bin helps municipalities with keeping their streets clean.

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PC Series furniture / Furns

The PC furniture series is designed based on the appeal of interaction with the residents of the municipality of Horst in The Netherlands. The furniture enables the residents to come up close to the greenpoints rather than a stationary tree or bush they look at from a distance.

Sensor housing / Parkeagle

The sensor housing is designed to withstand the most common forces present on urban streets and parkings

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