Developing a product encompasses a lot of different tasks. It is not always desirable to outsource these tasks altogether. That’s why we also offer the opportunity to look at a selection of the entire process or just one single task. If you are looking for a freelance designer, look no further.

Industrial Design

Designing a product from idea to finished product.

3d modeling

3D Modeling

Translating ideas to a virtual model.

Product visualisation

Rendering a lifelike image of a 3D model.



Producing a physical (scale) model for testing and evaluation.

Industrial Design

When companies move forward, most of the time their product or service needs to grow, expand or develop along the way to keep up with the pace of the needs of their customers. Especially when you are selling physical products, design is essential to convey the purpose of your product. This has to be done in respect with functionalities, the corporate identity, manufacturability and so on.


Depending on the needs of your company, we can assist you in the entirety of this process from idea to production ready design, or in a single or multiple phases which are embedded within the integral design process. 


When arriving in a phase where you need to materialize the ideas to evaluate their assets, you need to head into prototyping. This can be achieved by for example making (partial) models by 3d printing or milling scale models or whatever is necessary to give a good impression whether to pursue some of the tested features.


Testing structural integrity, getting a proper look and feel, fitting and testing with your customers can all be done by making a good prototype.

Product visualisation

If there is already a digital 3d model made that needs to be presented or go through visual evaluation internally, rendering is a very accessible and effective way to get a profound understanding of how your product is going to look like.


If there is a product that has already been made, but is in need of having pictures in different contexts a render is a powerful tool for making catalogue images or impressions.

3D Modelling

When you or your company already has a thorough understanding of how something should be going to look like but need to have it created in 3d to evaluate digitally, Insub is able to help you. A certified Soliworks professional is able to help you.

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