Insub Studio is about doing things differently. Not always following the rules. In this we stir things up a bit. We come up with refreshing insights and ideas and simultaneously keep focussed on the purpose of the product. We offer freelance services but can operate as a full fledged design studio as well.

This is Insub

 Not only inspired by nature. motivated by nature. 


Efficiency and simplicity are the subjects I always involve in my designs. Well thought design starts with a purpose driven idea. Problems are not going to be solved with doing what everybody else does for years.

The ultimate goal is to bring culture, business and sustainability together in a product.

Insub tries to make the transition from creativity to reality understandable for everyone.

Inspired by nature. Purpose driven innovation. Pursue aesthetic dominance, profoundly fair and sustainable.Bringing together culture, business and sustainability.

Insub Studio was established in 2016 in the east of the Netherlands in Nijmegen by Perry Martens. This venture was started to be able to pursue his vision on how modern design and sustainability issues should be handled. With the proper responsibility to the environment as well as how aesthetics are being handled.

With the Radboud university and HAN Around the corner this is an area where lots of startups and new businesses are being formed. The Industrial/product design scene is seriously underrepresented in this region.


These businesses have the potential to be globally influential and this opportunity to start as a local business and help these companies to make the difference globally is one of the motivations that drives Insub studio. Being independent in designing sustainable and aesthetic products was the spark that lit the flame.

 Insub is to serve all companies with questions that are related to design, development, prototyping, sustainability, 3d modelling and product visualisation. Local or global.

Insub Studio is inspired by nature. This could be in shape, color or material but just as well could be by the way function is integrated in the shape of an object. It can also be a feeling. Just as nature, we can be stubborn. Don’t take no for an answer or defy the laws of logic. Like a cactus, which grows in the most hostile places on earth and still manages to wonderfully thrive. That’s what you can expect from Insub Studio!

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From Head, to paper, paper to computer and form computer to factory.

Most of our design projects start with a lot of sketching and doodling. This is very accessible for every party involved and is a great stimulus for creativity. From there a 3d model and render is usually made to evaluate and to iterate. After this a concept is made ready for prototyping and it gets its first glance of manufacturability.


Lots of first hand experience in multiple fabrication techniques are very valuable assets in a creative branche. From tool manufacturing to plastic part production and 3d printing, the current methods of manufacturing are holding no secrets for us.

Be local, act global and think universal!

The goal as a design studio is to work towards a fully circular and sustainable world. Therefore we push ourselves to come up with the most durable and sustainable options for a design within the field of possibilities.


The ultimate validation a design can enjoy is the positive influence in people’s lives. With every project you have to adapt new skills and grow which is another goal we set for ourselves. Improve our lives and our skills as designers as well.

Finished projects.

Curious about the projects that insub studio has realized? Check them out here.
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